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Pros and Cons When Dating Affair Online

Online dating is the computerized version of the physical meeting you have with a potential suitor in an attempt to make a life partner out of them. Being a fairly recent concept that utilizes the internet to bring people together, there is still a whole lot of folks out there who are yet to fully embrace the idea of using the internet to facilitate a dating affair. We feel that knowing a bit of the positive and negatives of online affairs can give you some kind of an edge as you take on this fairly new endeavor. Here are the pros and cons of having an online dating affair and we shall start with the pros.

Advantages of dating affair

1. Reduced dating cost

Regardless of your gender, you are bound to spend a significant amount of cash on dates assuming that you will go on a number of them before you finally find your preference. Think about the amount of cash you could save if you were to fast-forward all the countless actual dates on to just one date that fits your preference. Well, how about you consult an online affair website? Online dating websites and apps are optimized with filters that help you single out your preferred date in a matter of minutes thus saving you the time and money you’d spend sampling countless individuals just to find a date that satisfies your favorite date.

2. Safe

There’s something about meeting total strangers that sends a chill down your spine and that is exactly what dating is about. A dating affair doesn’t have to be a scary experience and that is why it is often recommended to avoid meeting strangers and instead stick to members of the same neighborhood, workplace, or social gatherings when it comes to dating. Thankfully, the internet offers a safe way to have a dating affair by eliminating the need to meet. The affair website provides a communication channel through which you can interact with your date.

3. Plenty of Room to Explore

Having a dating affair online gives you the freedom to be as imaginative as you can, unlike physical dates that are affected by several things like shyness and awkward silence that really affect first impressions. If you are attending a physical date with a person for the first time, you are more susceptible to distractions that could destabilize your composure and thereby knocking off your first impressions. However, this cannot be the case if you are meeting through a dating website. This means that you will be in your best composure both physically and mentally. As a result, you will create a good impression thus increasing the chances of a future date with your suitor.

4. Effective communication

There are lots of things that affect face to face communication and we are glad to inform you that none of them will be there during an online dating affair. Nervousness is one of the major culprits and most of us are guilty of being nervous on our first date. More than 50% of canceled or postponed first dates have indeed been because either one or both parties became nervous. You can easily avoid the awkwardness of physical meetings by seeking the services of an affair website. You do not have to worry about facing the other person and even when it happens, it will be on a screen in the comfort of your house where you are completely composed.

Disadvantages of online Affair dating

Despite the many advantages of online dating, it is certainly not without its fair share of drawbacks. Below are some of the disadvantages of dating online.

1. False information

Quite a majority of user-profiles on dating websites are not as genuine as people falsify information about them just to increase their luck of scoring a date. You'd be surprised by how many people have actually been carried away by the information available in a profile just to be disappointed later after finding out that the information was false. It is, even more, hurting when the account with false information ends up attracting a potential date who gets emotionally attached. However, as much as it is a bit difficult to tell whether information on a profile is false or not, a reliable affair usually puts in place measures to authenticate user information for the safety of the users.

2. Fraud and cybercrime

As the saying goes, “no one is as vulnerable as a person looking for love” and hackers are taking advantage of dating websites to execute fraud and crime through social engineering. An incredible number of fraud cases have originated from online dating sites as perpetrators still personal information from account users and use it to execute their crimes. Some of the most heinous cybercriminals have had tremendous success in identity theft by exploiting the vulnerability of users in online dating sites.

3. Underage Users

If the affair website lacks a proper authentication algorithm, it is highly likely that underage users will enroll in the online dating affair and this could be risky. Under normal circumstances, underage users cannot be allowed to access the services of online dating websites. Unfortunately, it is happening and the effects are disheartening as is evidenced by the rising cases of pedophilia and underage pornography. In any case, it is the responsibility of the creators of the affair website to ensure it is airtight enough to limit the access of the more vulnerable underage users.


In summation, the advantages of online dating websites should be enough to convince anyone to try them out. However, the importance of personal initiatives to protect oneself from exploitation cannot be emphasized enough. To prevent any kind of exploitation from fraudsters, it is recommended for everyone to avoid overindulgence and ensure that you exercise some degree of control when it comes to the amount of information you let out on these websites. Always remember that whoever you are interacting with is a stranger and before you can ascertain their identity, you should not be in any hurry to commit anything.