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How to Persuade Affair Women for Discreet Hookups Safely

Hooking up with affair women is a fun-filled, no-commitment situation that can give you some adrenaline rush. Such hookups can also take the sex life of the women to the next level. However, lots of women are afraid of the possibility of being caught by their partners. Hence, they usually desist from having such affairs. But if you can persuade her and let her realize how enjoyable discreet hookups can be for her, you will have your way with her.

In view of this, this article will describe the various things you can do to persuade affair women for discreet hookups safely.

Make her feel special

Regardless of the arrangement you have with a woman, she still probably wants to feel special whenever she is with you. Therefore, you should not overlook the need to make affair women feel special whenever you are hooking up with them.

However, making her special doesn't mean you should do things that will make her partner suspect anything. Generally, you can just buy her flowers, dress and smell nice when you are meeting her, and give her surprise gifts from time to time. She is probably not getting any special attention from her partner, so you can capitalize on her vulnerability to persuade her to have discreet relationships with you. By making her feel special, you are offering her what her spouse probably doesn't offer. This will boost your chance of bedding her significantly.

Let her realize you find her sexually attractive

Once you have met an affair woman you want to hook up with, you should not hesitate to let her know you find her sexually attractive. Today, lots of women don't think they are beautiful and, therefore, don't notice how sexually attractive they can be. Unfortunately, most spouses don't say or do anything that can let such women realize their sexiness.

Luckily, you can take advantage of this knowledge to persuade her for discreet hookups. Complement her about some particular parts of her body or dressing and let her imagine what you can do to her if she hooks up with you. You must let her understand that you find her sexually attractive; hence, you are ready to go the extra mile to get down with her. This may even turn her on and change how she feels about you.

Show your discreetness in words and deeds

From the moment you start communicating with any affair woman, it is paramount for you to let her know how discreet you are about the possible hookups. This does not only reassure her of your commitment to protecting her interest, but it also shows that you understand her fears.

However, you need to show your passion for discreet hookups in words and deeds. You can show it in words by telling her regularly that you want the hookups to be discreet. This ensures that she feels comfortable with the arrangement.

Nonetheless, saying you want the hookups to be discreet is not enough, your actions must also back up your words. Since women in a relationship don't want their partners to know about your sexual escapades, you should never text or call her when you are certain her partner will be available. Make sure you only communicate with her when she is likely going to be away from the partner. But if you are unsure of the time, don't communicate with her at all. Let affair women be the ones to get in touch with you when they know it is safe to do so.

Be an excellent listener

Lots of women in relationships often feel judged when discussing their challenges. Resultantly, they prefer to keep their challenges to themselves. However, as you are trying to persuade affair women for hookups, you should give her a listening ear.

By being an excellent listener, it will be easier for her to see you as a friend. You should also support her when necessary. Over time, she will see you as a shoulder to cry on. With this, she will be able to confide in you and even sleep with you. This is because she will see you as a friend that can keep her secret.

Have an engaging conversation with her

Apart from listening to her, try to have an insightful conversation with her. This is especially necessary when you are meeting in person. Although the conversation should be engaging, don't shy away from displaying your sense of humor. However, if the jokes don't come naturally, let them be.

Engaging her in good conversations will make you learn more about her lifestyle, preferences, and needs. This knowledge can come in handy to seduce her to go to bed with you.

Avoid doing anything that can be suspicious in public

Without a doubt, affair women have existing relationships with their spouses and probably children. While they want to enjoy some discreet hookups, they don't want to complicate or spoil their existing relationships. Therefore, you must avoid doing anything that can raise suspicion in public.

Don't try to hug her in any suggestive manner in public. Avoid kissing, smooching, fondling, and getting too intimate with her anywhere others can see you. You must always be aware of your body language as it may send the wrong signal.

Though you can meet her in public places, don't make it look like you are having a date. By avoiding any suspicious action in public, she will understand that hooking up with you cannot put her into trouble.

Let her know you don't want a committed relationship

Many women avoid discreet hookups because the other person may want more from the hookups. Of course, wanting or giving more may jeopardize the existing relationships of these women. Therefore, you should persuade her by letting her realize that you don't want a committed relationship.

You may also tell her that you will never do anything that will affect her relationship with her spouse. Don't shy away from letting her know that you just find her sexually attractive and want to share some good times with her without any commitment. This will reassure her of her safety and may make her consider the possibility of hooking up with you discreetly.

Show your readiness to meet outside of her home

The majority of affair women don't want to meet their hookup partners at home. They prefer meeting and having fun in places where it will be difficult for anyone to know them. Therefore, you should let the women know that you are ready to meet them outside of their home.

If your home is comfortable with such a hookup arrangement, you should let her know. However, if not, you should arrange hotels or other discreet locations. Notably, it is often recommended that you take care of the hotel bills for discreet hookups.

Go slowly

As you are persuading women for hookups safely, you don't have to rush things. Go slowly and let her realize your readiness to wait till she is ready. This single act can boost her desire to hook up with you.

In some situations, persuading women for discreet hookups may take lots of time and effort. Therefore, you must be ready for the challenging task that you need to deal with.